Solution Manual for Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies (McGraw-Hill Series in Economics) 20th Edition | 9781259450242

A Descriptive Solution Manual for Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies (McGraw-Hill Series in Economics) 20th Edition | 9781259450242
By Campbell R. McConnell, Stanley L. Brue, Sean Masaki Flynn Dr.
ISBN-10: 1259450244 ISBN-13: 9781259450242
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Part I: Introduction to Economics and the Economy
1 Limits, Alternatives, Choices
2 The Market System and the Circular Flow
Part II: Price, Quantity, and Efficiency
3 Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium
4 Market Failures: Public Goods and Externalities
5 Government’s Role and Government Failure
Part III: Consumer Behavior
6 Elasticity
7 Utility Maximization
8 Behavioral Economics
Part IV: Microeconomics of Product Markets
9 Businesses and the Cost of Production
10 Pure Competition in the Short Run
11 Pure Competition in the Long Run
12 Pure Monopoly
13 Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
13W Technology, R&D, and Efficiency
Part V: Microeconomics of Resource Markets and Government
14 The Demand for Resources
15 Wage Determination
16 Rent, Interest, and Profit
17 Natural Resource and Energy Economics
18 Public Finance: Expenditures and Taxes
Part VI: Microeconomic Issues and Policies
19 Antitrust Policy and Regulation
20 Agriculture: Economics and Policy
21 Income Inequality, Poverty, and Discrimination
22 Health Care
23 Immigration
Part VII: GDP, Growth, and Instability
24 An Introduction to Macroeconomics
25 Measuring Domestic Output and National Income
26 Economic Growth
27 Business Cycles, Unemployment, and Inflation
Part VIII: Macroeconomic Models and Fiscal Policy
28 Basic Macroeconomic Relationships
29 The Aggregate Expenditures Model
30 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
31 Fiscal Policy, Deficits, and Debt
Part IX: Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy
32 Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions
33 Money Creation
34 Interest Rates and Monetary Policy
35 Financial Economics
Part X: Extensions and Issues
36 Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply
37 Current Issues in Macro Theory and Policy
Part XI: International Economics
38 International Trade
39 The Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, and Trade Deficits
39W The Economics of Developing Countries


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