Solution Manual for Fundamentals of Database Systems , 7th Edition

A Complete Solution Manual for Fundamentals of Database Systems , 7th Edition
Authors: Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe
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Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction To Databases
Chapter 1: Databases And Database Users
Chapter 2: Database Systems Concepts And Architecture
Part 2: Conceptual Data Modeling And Database Design
Chapter 3: Data Modeling Using The Entity Relationship (Er) Model
Chapter 4: The Enhanced Entity Relationship (Eer) Model
Part 3: The Relational Data Model And Sql
Chapter 5: The Relational Data Model And Relational Database Constraints
Chapter 6: Basic Sql
Chapter 7: More Sql: Complex Queries, Triggers, Views, And Schema Modification
Chapter 8: The Relational Algebra And Relational Calculus
Chapter 9: Relational Database Design By Er- And Eer-To-Relational Mapping
Part 4: Database Programming Techniques
Chapter 10: Introduction To Sql Programming Techniques
Chapter 11: Web Database Programming Using Php
Part 5: Object, Object-Relational, And Xml: Concepts, Models, Languages, And Standards
Chapter 12: Object And Object-Relational Databases
Chapter 13: Xlm: Extensible Markup Language
Part 6: Database Design Theory And Normalization
Chapter 14: Basics Of Functional Dependencies And Normalization For Relational Databases
Chapter 15: Relational Database Design Algorithms And Further Dependencies
Part 7: File Structures, Hashing, Indexing, And Physical Database Design
Chapter 16: Disc Storage, Basic File Structures, Hashing, And Modern Storage Architectures
Chapter 17: Indexing Structures For Files And Physical Database Design
Part 8: Query Processing And Optimization
Chapter 18: Strategies For Query Processing
Chapter 19: Query Optimization
Part 9: Transaction Processing, Concurrency Control, And Recovering
Chapter 20: Introduction To Transaction Processing Concepts And Theory
Chapter 21: Concurrency Control Techniques
Chapter 22: Database Recovery Techniques
Part 10: Distributed Databases, Nosql Systems, Cloud Computing, And Big Data
Chapter 23: Distributed Database Concepts
Chapter 24: Nosql Databases And Big Data Storage Systems
Chapter 25: Big Data Technologies Based On Mapreduce And Hadoop
Part 11: Advanced Database Models, Systems, And Applications
Chapter 26: Enhanced Data Models: Introduction To Active, Temporal, Spatial, Multimedia, And Deductive Databases
Chapter 27: Introduction To Information Retrieval And Web Search
Chapter 28: Data Mining Concepts
Chapter 29: Overview Of Data Warehousing And Olap
Part 12: Additional Database Topics: Security
Chapter 30: Database Security

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