Solution Manual for MKTG 2 Second Canadian Edition | 9780176503697

A Descriptive Solution Manual for MKTG 2 Second Canadian Edition | 9780176503697
By Joel R. Evans, Barry R. Berman, William J. Wellington
ISBN-10: 0176503692 ISBN-13: 9780176503697
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Part One: Marketing?Let’s Get Started
Chapter 1: Overview of Marketing.
Chapter 2: The Marketing Environment, Social Responsibility, and Ethics
Chapter 3: Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage
Part Two: Analyzing Marketing Opportunities
Chapter 4: Market Research and Decision Support
Chapter 5: Consumer Decision Making
Chapter 6: Business Marketing
Chapter 7: Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
Chapter 8: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Part Three: Product Decisions
Chapter 9: Product Concepts
Chapter 10: Developing and Managing Products
Chapter 11: Services and Nonprofit Organization Marketing
Part Four: Distribution Decisions
Chapter 12: Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
Chapter 13: Retailing
Part Five: Promotion Decisions
Chapter 14: Integrated Marketing Communication
Chapter 15: Advertising, Public Relations, and Direct Response
Chapter 16: Social Media and Marketing
Chapter 17: Sales Promotion and Personal Selling
Part Six: Pricing Decisions
Chapter 18: Pricing Concepts
Chapter 19: Setting the Right Price
Part Seven: Global Marketing
Chapter 20: Developing a Global Vision


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