Solution Manual for Survey of Accounting 4th Edition | 9780077862374

A Descriptive Solution Manual for Survey of Accounting 4th Edition | 9780077862374
By Thomas P. Edmonds, Christopher T. Edmonds, Philip R. Olds, Frances M. McNair, Bor-Yi Tsay
ISBN-10: 0077862376 ISBN-13: 9780077862374
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Chapter 1An Introduction to Accounting
Chapter 2Accounting for Accruals and Deferrals
Chapter 3Accounting for Merchandising Businesses
Chapter 4Internal Controls, Accounting for Cash, and Ethics
Chapter 5Accounting for Receivables and Inventory Cost Flow
Chapter 6Accounting for Long-Term Operational Assets
Chapter 7Accounting for Liabilities
Chapter 8Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations
Chapter 9Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 10An Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Chapter 11Cost Behavior, Operating Leverage, and Profitability analysis
Chapter 12Cost Accumulation, Tracing and Allocation
Chapter 13Relevant Information for Special Decisions
Chapter 14Planning for Profit and Cost Control
Chapter 15Performance Evaluation
Chapter 16Planning for Capital Investments


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