Test Bank for A History of Western Music Ninth Edition | 9780393918298

A Descriptive Test Bank for A History of Western Music Ninth Edition | 9780393918298
By J. Peter Burkholder, Donald Jay Grout, Claude V. Palisca
ISBN-10: 0393918297 ISBN-13: 9780393918298
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Part One: The Ancient and Medieval Worlds
1. Music in Antiquity
2. The Christian Church in the First Millennium
3. Roman Liturgy and Chant
4. Song and Dance Music in the Middle Ages
5. Polyphony through the Thirteenth Century
6. French and Italian Music in the Fourteenth Century
Part Two: The Renaissance
7. Music and the Renaissance
8. England and Burgundy in the Fifteenth Century
9. Franco-Flemish Composers, 1450–1520
10. Sacred Music in the Era of the Reformation
11. Madrigal and Secular Song in the Sixteenth Century
12. The Rise of Instrumental Music
Part Three: The Seventeenth Century
13. New Styles in the Seventeenth Century
14. The Invention of Opera
15. Music for Chamber and Church in the Early Seventeenth Century
16. France, England, Spain, and the New World in the Seventeenth Century
17. Italy and Germany in the Late Seventeenth Century
Part 4: The Eighteenth Century
18. The Early Eighteenth Century in Italy and France
19. German Composers of the Late Baroque
20. Musical Taste and Style in the Enlightenment
21. Opera and Vocal Music in the Early Classic Period
22. Instrumental Music: Sonata, Symphony, and Concerto at Midcentury
23. Classical Music in the Late Eighteenth Century
Part Five: The Nineteenth Century
24. Revolution and Change
25. The Romantic Generation: Song and Piano Music
26. Romanticism in Classic Forms: Orchestral, Chamber, and Choral Music
27. Romantic Opera and Musical Theater to Midcentury
28. Opera and Musical Theater in the Later Nineteenth Century
29. Late Romanticism in Germany and Austria
30. Diverging Traditions in the Later Nineteenth Century
Part Six: The Twentieth Century and After
31. The Early Twentieth Century
32. Modernism and the Classical Tradition
33. Between the World Wars: Jazz and Popular Music
34. Between the World Wars: The Classical Tradition
35. Postwar Crosscurrents
36. Music since 1970


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