Test Bank for Biochemistry, 4th Edition

A Complete Test Bank for Biochemistry, 4th Edition
Authors: Christopher K. Mathews, Kensal E. van Holde, Dean R. Appling, Spencer J. Anthony-Cahill
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Table of Contents

Part I The Realm Of Biochemistry
Chapter 1 The Scope Of Biochemistry
Chapter 2 The Matrix Of Life: Weak Interactions In An Aqueous Environment
Chapter 3 The Energetics Of Life
Part II Molecular Architecture Of Living Matter
Chapter 4 Nucleic Acids
Chapter 5 Introduction To Proteins: The Primary Level Of Protein Structure
Chapter 6 The Three-Dimensional Structure Of Proteins
Chapter 7 Protein Function And Evolution
Chapter 8 Proteins In Motion: Contractile Systems And Molecular Motors
Chapter 9 Carbohydrates: Sugars, Saccharides, Glycans
Chapter 10 Lipids, Membranes, And Cellular Transportation
Part III Dynamics Of Life: Catalysis And Control Of Biochemical Reactions
Chapter 11 Enzymes: Biological Catalysts
Chapter 12 Chemical Logic Of Metabolism
Part IV Dynamics Of Life: Energy, Biosynthesis, And Utilization Of Precursors
Chapter 13 Carbohydrate Metabolism: Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Glycogen Metabolism, And The Pentose Phosphate Pathway
Chapter 14 Citric Acid Cycle And Glyoxylate Cycle
Chapter 15 Electron Transport, Oxidative Phosphorylation, And Oxygen Metabolism
Chapter 16 Photosynthesis
Chapter 17 Lipid Metabolism I: Fatty Acids, Triacylglycerols, And Lipoproteins
Chapter 18 Interorgan And Intracellular Coordination Of Energy Metabolism In Vertebrates
Chapter 19 Lipid Metabolism Ii: Membrane Lipids, Steroids, Isoprenoids, And Eicosanoids
Chapter 20 Metabolism Of Nitrogenous Compounds: Principles Of Biosynthesis, Utilization, And Turnover
Chapter 21 Metabolism Of Nitrogenous Compounds: Amino Acids, Porphyrins, And Neurotransmitters
Chapter 22 Nucleotide Metabolism
Chapter 23 Mechanisms Of Signal Transduction
Part V Information
Chapter 24 Genes, Genomes, And Chromosome
Chapter 25 Dna Replication
Chapter 26 Dna Restructuring: Repair, Recombination, Rearrangement, Amplification
Chapter 27 Information Readout: Transcription And Post-Transcriptional Processing
Chapter 28 Information Decoding: Translation And Post-Translational Protein Processing
Chapter 29 Regulation Of Gene Expression
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  • Solution Manual contains comprehensive answers to the end of chapter questions, problems and exercises.
  • Test Bank is a very useful collection of exam questions including multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, short and essay answers with solutions.

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If you are preparing for an exam, a test bank is a good choice. A solution manual is useful for self-study, take home exams, homework and projects. It is advisable to purchase both if they are available to achieve complete grade improvement.

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