Test Bank For Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life 3rd Edition | 9780176532130

A Complete Test Bank For Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life 3rd Edition
By Paul E. Hertz, Beverly McMillan, Dr. Brock Fenton, Peter Russell
ISBN 10: 176532137 | ISBN 13:9780176532130
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Volume One Introduction: Origins and Organization
Unit One: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: Light and Life
Chapter 2: The Cell: An Overview
Chapter 3: Defining Life and Its Origins
Unit Two: Energy: Process and Facilitation
Chapter 4: Energy and Enzymes
Chapter 5: Cell Membranes and Signalling
Chapter 6: Cellular Respiration
Chapter 7: Photosynthesis
Unit Three: Genes
Chapter 8: Cell Cycles
Chapter 9: Genetic Recombination
Chapter 10: Mendel, Genes, and Inheritance
Chapter 11: Genes, Chromosomes, and Human Genetics
Unit Four: DNA and Gene Expression
Chapter 12: DNA Structure, Replication, and Organization
Chapter 13: Gene Structure and Expression
Chapter 14: Control of Gene Expression
Chapter 15: DNA Technologies
Chapter 16: Genomes and Proteomes Volume Two Introduction: Evolution, Aspects of Diversity, Ecology, and Applied Biology
Unit Five: Evolution and Classification
Chapter 17: Evolution: The Development of the Theory
Chapter 18: Microevolution: Changes within Populations
Chapter 19: Species and Macroevolution
Chapter 20: Understanding the History of Life on Earth
Chapter 21: Humans and Evolution
Unit Six: Diversity of Life
Chapter 22: Bacteria and Archaea
Chapter 23: Viruses, Viroids, and Prions: Infectious Biological Particles
Chapter 24: Protists
Chapter 25: Fungi
Chapter 26: Plants
Chapter 27: Diversity of Animals 1: Sponges, Radiata, Platyhelminthes, and Protostomes
Chapter 28: Diversity of Animals 2: Deuterostomes: Vertebrates and Their Closest Relatives The Chemical, Physical, and Environmental Foundation s of Biology (Purple Pages)
Unit Seven: Ecology and Climate Change
Chapter 29: Population Ecology
Chapter 30: Population Interactions and Community Ecology
Chapter 31: Ecosystems
Unit Eight: Biology in Action
Chapter 32: Conservation of Biodiversity
Chapter 33: Putting Selection to Work Volume Three Introduction: Systems and Processes
Unit Nine: Systems and Processes: Plants
Chapter 34: Organization of the Plant Body
Chapter 35: Transport in Plants
Chapter 36: Reproduction and Development in Flowering Plants
Chapter 37: Plant Nutrition
Chapter 38: Plant Signals and Responses to the Environment
Unit Ten: Systems and Processes: Animals
Chapter 39: Introduction to Animal Organization and Physiology
Chapter 40: Internal Transport in Animals: The Circulatory System
Chapter 41: Reproduction in Animals
Chapter 42: Animal Development
Chapter 43: Control of Animal Processes: Endocrine Control
Chapter 44: Control of Animal Processes: Neural Control
Chapter 45: Control of Animal Processes: Neural Integration
Chapter 46: Muscles, Skeletons, and Body Movements
Chapter 47: Animal Behaviour
Chapter 48: Animal Nutrition
Chapter 49: Gas Exchange: The Respiratory System
Chapter 50: Regulating the Internal Environment
Chapter 51: Defences against Disease
Unit Eleven: Systems and Processes: Interacting with the Environment
Chapter 52: Conservation and Evolutionary Physiology