Test Bank for Clinical Medical Assisting: Foundations and Practice 1st Edition | 9780130893376

A Descriptive Test Bank for Clinical Medical Assisting: Foundations and Practice 1st Edition | 9780130893376
By Margaret Schell Frazier, Connie Morgan
ISBN-10: 0130893374 ISBN-13: 9780130893376
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Section I: Introduction
Chapter 1: The Medical Assistant Profession and Health Care
Chapter 2: Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 3: Patient-Centered Care
Chapter 4: Considerations of Extended Life
Section II: The Clinical Environment
Chapter 5: Clinical Environment and Safety in the Medical Office
Chapter 6: The Clinical Visit: Office Preparation and the Patient Encounter
Chapter 7: Medical Asepsis
Chapter 8: Surgical Asepsis
Chapter 9: Pharmacology and the Medication of Administrations
Chapter 10: Vital Signs
Section III: Diagnostic Testing in the Medical Office
Chapter 11: Minor Surgery
Chapter 12: Diagnostic Procedures
Chapter 13: Microscopes and Microbiology
Chapter 14: Hematology and Chemistry
Section IV: Medical Specialties and Testing
Chapter 15: Urology and Nephrology
Chapter 16: Medical Imaging
Chapter 17: Cardiac Testing and Cardiology
Chapter 18: Pulmonary Testing and Pulmonology
Chapter 19: EENT
Chapter 20: Immunology and Allergies
Chapter 21: Dermatology
Chapter 22: Endocrinology
Section V: Medical Specialties
Chapter 23: Emergency Care
Chapter 24: Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Chapter 25: Orthopedics and Physical Therapy
Chapter 26: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chapter 27: Pediatrics
Chapter 28: Neurology
Chapter 29: Mental Health
Chapter 30: Oncology
Chapter 31: Geriatrics
Section VI: Nontraditional Medicine
Chapter 32: Alternative Medicine


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