Test Bank for Criminal Investigation 9th Edition | 9780073212784

A Descriptive Test Bank for Criminal Investigation 9th Edition | 9780073212784
By Charles Swanson, Neil Chamelin, Leonard Territo, Robert W. Taylor
ISBN-10: 0073212784 ISBN-13: 9780073212784
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Part 1. Introduction to Investigation
1. The Evolution of Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics
2. Legal Aspects of Investigation
Part 2. The Investigative Process
3. Investigators, the Investigative Process, and the Crime Scene
4. Physical Evidence
5. Interviewing and Interrogation
6. Field Notes and Reporting
7. Follow-Up Investigation
8. The Crime Laboratory
Part 3. Crimes Against Persons
9. Injury and Death Investigation
10. Sex-Related Offenses
11. Crimes Against Children
12. Robbery
Part 4. Crimes Against Property
13. Burglary
14. White-Collar Crime and Larceny
15. Vehicle Thefts and Related Offenses
16. Computer Crime
17. Agricultural, Wildlife, and Environmental Crimes
18. Arson and Explosives


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