Test Bank for Families and Change: Coping With Stressful Events and Transitions Fifth Edition | 9781483366753

A Descriptive Test Bank for Families and Change: Coping With Stressful Events and Transitions Fifth Edition | 9781483366753
By Christine A. Price Askeland, Kevin R. (Ray) Bush, Sharon J. Price
ISBN-10: 1483366758 ISBN-13: 9781483366753
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Part I: Theoretical Foundations
Chapter 1: Families Coping With Change: A Conceptual Overview – Kevin Bush, Christine A. Price, Sharon J. Price (Patrick C. McKenry Posthumously)
Part II: General Family Stress
Chapter 2: Everyday Hassles and Family Relationships – Heather Helms, Natalie D. Hengstebeck, David Demo
Part III: Developmental Family Forms
Chapter 3: Conceptualizing Parental Stress with Family Stress Theory – Gary Peterson
Chapter 4: Families with Special Needs: A Journey from Coping and Adaptation to Resilience and Hope – Briana Nelson Goff, Jessica High, Adam Cless, Kelsey Koblitz, Natira Staats, Nicole Springer
Chapter 5: LGBQ-Parent Families: Development and Functioning in Context – Abbie Goldberg
Chapter 6: Stress and Coping in Later Life – Aine Humble, Christine Price
Part IV: Transitional Family Forms
Chapter 7: Divorce: Variation and Fluidity – David Demo, Mark Fine
Chapter 8: Stress and Resilience in Stepfamilies Today – Chelsea Garneau, Kay Pasley
Chapter 9: Adaptation Among Immigrant Families: Resources and Barriers – Kevin Ray Bush, Bertranna A. Abrams-Muruthi, Stephanie A. Bohon, Hyoun K. Kim
Chapter 10: The Newest Generation of U.S. Veterans and Their Families – Kyung-Hee Lee, Shelley McDermid Wadsworth
Part V: Violence in a Family and Community Context
Chapter 11: Promoting Pathways to Resilient Outcomes for Maltreated Children – Margaret Wright, Lucy Allbaugh
Chapter 12: Stress and Coping with Intimate
Chapter 13: Family Responses to School and Community Mass Violence – Amity Noltemeyer, Courtney L. McLaughlin, Mark R. McGowan
Part VI: Families Encountering Sickness, Poverty, and Death
Chapter 14: Physical and Mental Illness and Family Stress – Jeremy Yorgason, Kevin Stott
Chapter 15: Families Coping with Alcohol and Substance Abuse – Kevin Lyness, Judith Fischer
Chapter 16: Economic Stress and Families – Suzanne Bartholomae, Jonathon Fox
Chapter 17: Death, Dying and Grief in Families – Colleen Murray


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