Test Bank for Macroeconomics 6th Edition | 9780134106229

A Descriptive Test Bank for Macroeconomics 6th Edition | 9780134106229
By R. Glenn Hubbard, Anthony Patrick O’Brien
ISBN-10: 0134106229 ISBN-13: 9780134106229
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Part 1: Introduction
1. Economics: Foundations and Models
2. Trade-offs, Comparative Advantage, and the Market System
3. Where Prices Come From: The Interaction of Demand and Supply
4. Economic Efficiency, Government Price Setting, and Taxes
5. The Economics of Health Care
Part 2: Firms in the Domestic and International Economies
6. Firms, the Stock Market, and Corporate Governance
7. Comparative Advantage and the Gains from International Trade
Part 3: Macroeconomic Foundations and Long-Run Growth
8. GDP: Measuring Total Production and Income
9. Unemployment and Inflation
10. Economic Growth, the Financial System, and Business Cycles
11. Long-run Economic Growth: Sources and Policies
Part 4: Short-Run Fluctuations
12. Aggregate Expenditure and Output in the Short Run
13. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Analysis
Part 5: Monetary and Fiscal Policy
14. Money, Banks, and the Federal Reserve System
15. Monetary Policy
16. Fiscal Policy
17. Inflation, Unemployment, and Federal Reserve Policy
Part 6: The International Economy
18. Macroeconomics in an Open Economy
19. The International Financial System