Test Bank For Microbiology: An Evolving Science 3rd Edition | 9780393123685

A Complete Test Bank For Microbiology: An Evolving Science 3rd Edition
By Joan L. Slonczewski, John W. Foster
ISBN 10: 393123685 | ISBN 13:9780393123685
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CHAPTER 1: Microbial Life: Origin and Discovery
CHAPTER 2: Observing the Microbial Cell
CHAPTER 3: Cell Structure and Function
CHAPTER 4: Bacterial Culture, Growth, and Development
CHAPTER 5: Environmental Influences and Control of Microbial Growth
CHAPTER 6: Viruses
CHAPTER 7: Genomes and Chromosomes
CHAPTER 8: Transcription, Translation, and Bioinformatics
CHAPTER 9: Gene Transfer, Mutations, and Genome Evolution
CHAPTER 10: Molecular Regulation
CHAPTER 11: Viral Molecular Biology
CHAPTER 12: Biotechniques and Synthetic Biology
CHAPTER 13: Energetics and Catabolism
CHAPTER 14: Electron Flow in Organotrophy, Lithotrophy, and Phototrophy
CHAPTER 15: Biosynthesis
CHAPTER 16: Food and Industrial Microbiology
CHAPTER 17: Origins and Evolution
CHAPTER 18: Bacterial Diversity
CHAPTER 19: Archaeal Diversity
CHAPTER 20: Eukaryotic Diversity
CHAPTER 21: Microbial Ecology
CHAPTER 22: Microbes in Global Elemental Cycles
CHAPTER 23: Human Microbiota and Innate Immunity
CHAPTER 24: The Adaptive Immune Response
CHAPTER 25: Microbial Pathogenesis
CHAPTER 26: Microbial Diseases
CHAPTER 27: Antimicrobial Therapy
CHAPTER 28: Clinical Microbiology and Epidemiology