Test Bank for Motivation: Theory, Research, and Application, 6th Edition | 9781111841096

A Complete Solution Manual for International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior, 10th Edition
By Fred Luthans, Jonathan Doh
ISBN 10: 1259705072 | ISBN 13: 9781259705076
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1. Conceptualizing and Measuring Motivation.
2. Genetic Contributions to Motivated Behavior.
3. Physiological Mechanisms of Arousal.
4. Physiological Mechanisms of Regulation.
5. Learned Motives: Classical, Instrumental, and Observational Learning.
6. Incentive Motivation.
7. Hedonism and Sensory Stimulation.
8. Cognitive Motivation: Expectancy-Value Approaches.
9. Cognitive Motivation: Social Motivation and Consistency.
10. Cognitive Motivation: Attribution Approaches.
11. Cognitive Motivation: Competence and Control.
12. The Emotions as Motivators.
13. Conclusions.Glossary


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