Test Bank for Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications, Eighth Canadian Edition | 9780134860800

A Descriptive Test Bank for Introduction to Information Systems, 7th Edition
By R. Kelly Rainer, Brad Prince
ISBN 10: 1119362911 | ISBN 13: 9781119362913
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Part 1 Understanding the Workplace
Chapter 1 What Is Organizational Behaviour?
Chapter 2 Perception, Personality, and Emotions
Chapter 3 Values, Attitudes, and Diversity in the Workplace
OB ON THE EDGE Stress at Work

Part 2 Striving for Performance
Chapter 4 Theories of Motivation
Chapter 5 Motivation in Action
Chapter 6 Groups and Teamwork

Part 3 Interacting Effectively
Chapter 7 Communication
Chapter 8 Power and Politics
Chapter 9 Conflict and Negotiation
OB ON THE EDGE Workplace Bullying

Part 4 Sharing the Organizational Vision
Chapter 10 Organizational Culture
Chapter 11 Leadership
Chapter 12 Decision Making, Creativity, and Ethics
OB ON THE EDGE Spirituality in the Workplace