Test Bank for South-Western Federal Taxation 2018: Comprehensive 41st Edition | 9781337386005

A Descriptive Test Bank for South-Western Federal Taxation 2018: Comprehensive 41st Edition | 9781337386005
By William H. Hoffman, David M. Maloney, William A. Raabe, James C. Young
ISBN-10: 1337386006 ISBN-13: 9781337386005
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Part 1: Introduction and Basic Tax Model
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Taxation and Understanding the Federal Tax Law
Chapter 2: Working with the Tax Law
Chapter 3: Computing the Tax
Part 2: Gross Income
Chapter 4: Gross Income: Concepts and Inclusions
Chapter 5: Gross Income: Exclusions
Part 3: Deductions and Credits
Chapter 6: Deductions and Losses: In General
Chapter 7: Deductions and Losses: Certain Business Expenses and Losses
Chapter 8: Depreciation, Cost Recovery, Amortization, and Depletion
Chapter 9: Deductions: Employee and Self-Employed-Related Expenses
Chapter 10: Deductions and Losses: Certain Itemized Deductions
Chapter 11: Investor Losses
Chapter 12 Tax Credits and Payments
Part 4: Property Transactions
Chapter 13: Property Transactions: Determination of Gain or Loss, Basis Considerations, and Nontaxab
Chapter 14: Property Transactions: Capital Gains and Losses, § 1231, and Recapture Provisions
Part 5: Special Tax Computations and Accounting Periods and Methods
Chapter 15: Alternative Minimum Tax
Chapter 16: Accounting Periods and Methods
Part 6: Corporations
Chapter 17: Corporations: Introduction and Operating Rules
Chapter 18: Corporations: Organization and Capital Structure
Chapter 19: Corporations: Distributions not in Complete Liquidation
Chapter 20: Corporations: Distributions in Complete Liquidation and an Overview of Reorganizations
Part 7: Flow-Through Entities
Chapter 21: Partnerships
Partner Allocations and Reporting
Partner’s Basis
Partner’s Capital Account
Chapter 22: S Corporations
Part 8: Advanced Tax Practice Considerations
Chapter 23: Exempt Entities
Chapter 24: Multistate Corporate Taxation
Chapter 25: Taxation of International Transactions
Chapter 26: Tax Practice and Ethics
Part 9: Family Tax Planning
Chapter 27: The Federal Gift and Estate Taxes
Chapter 28: Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates


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