Test Bank for Tappans Handbook of Massage Therapy: Blending Art with Science , 6th Edition

A Complete Test Bank for Tappans Handbook of Massage Therapy: Blending Art with Science , 6th Edition
Authors: Patricia J. Benjamin
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Foundations For Massage Therapy Professionals
1. Massage Therapy Profession
2. History Of Massage As A Vocation
3. Professional And Personal Development
4. Physical Skills, Fitness, And Self-Care For The Massage Therapist
5. Ethics And The Therapeutic Relationship
Part 2 Foundations Of Planning And Giving Massage Sessions
6. Effects Of Massage And Research Literacy
7. Clinical Applications Of Massage
8. Endangerment Sites, Contraindications, Cautions
9. Medical Terminology, Goal-Oriented Planning, Documentation
10. Hygiene, Equipment, Environment
11. Body Mechanics, Table Skills, General Guidelines
Part 3 Tappan’S Guide To Healing Massage
12. Swedish Massage Techniques
13. Joint Movements
14. Full-Body Swedish Massage
15. Regional Massage Applications–Upper Body
16. Regional Massage Applications–Lower Body
17. Hydrotherapy And Temperature Therapies
Part 4 Tappan’S Guide To Special Applications
18. Special Populations And Adaptations
19. Spa Treatments
20. Seated Massage
Part 5 Tappan’S Guide To Contemporary Massage And Bodywork
21. Myofascial Massage
22. Trigger Point Therapy
23. Lymphatic Facilitation
24. Reflexology
25. Energy-Based Bodywork
Part 6 Foundations Of Career And Practice Development
26. Career Plans And Employment
27. Private Practice And Finances
28. Business Ethics
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