Test Bank for Therapeutic Modalities 4th Edition | 9780803625938

A Descriptive Test Bank for Therapeutic Modalities 4th Edition | 9780803625938
By Chad Starkey PhD AT FNATA
ISBN-10: 0803625936 ISBN-13: 9780803625938
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I. Injury Response and Treatment Planning
1. The Injury Response Process
2. The Physiology and Psychology of Pain
3. Development and Delivery of Intervention Strategies
4. Administrative Considerations
II. Therapeutic Cold and Superficial Heating Agents
5. Thermal Modalities
6. Clinical Application of Thermal Modalities
III. Deep-Heating Agents
7. Therapeutic Ultrasound
8. Clinical Application of Therapeutic Ultrasound
9. Shortwave Diathermy
10. Clinical Application of Shortwave Diathermy
IV. Electrical Stimulation
11. Principles of Electrical Stimulation
12. Electrical Stimulation Techniques
13. Clinical Application of Electrical Agents
V. Mechanical and Light Modalities
14. Intermittent Compression
15. Continuous Passive Motion
16. Cervical and Lumbar Traction
17. Therapeutic Massage
18. Electromyographic Biofeedback
19. Low-Level Laser Therapy