TextBook : Basic Clinical Radiobiology, 5th Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Basic Clinical Radiobiology, 5th Edition
By Michael C. Joiner, Albert J. van der Kogel
ISBN 10: 1444179632 | ISBN 13:9781444179637
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1. Introduction: The significance of radiobiology and radiotherapy for cancer treatment
2. Irradiation-induced damage and the DNA damage response
3. Cell death after irradiation: How, when and why cells die
4. Quantifying cell kill and cell survival
5. Radiation dose-response relationships
6. Linear energy transfer and relative biological effectiveness
7. Physics of radiation therapy for the radiobiologist
8. Tumour growth and response to radiation
9. Fractionation: The linear-quadratic approach
10. The linear-quadratic approach in clinical practice
11. Modified fractionation
12. Time factors in normal tissue responses to irradiation
13. The dose-rate effect
14. Pathogenesis of normal tissue side effects
15. Stem cells in radiotherapy
16. Normal tissue tolerance and the effect of dose inhomogeneities
17. The oxygen effect and therapeutic approaches to tumour hypoxia
18. The tumour microenvironment and cellular hypoxia responses
19. Combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy
20. Molecular targeted agents for enhancing tumour response
21. Biological individualisation of radiotherapy
22. Molecular image guided radiotherapy
23. Retreatment tolerance of normal tissues
24. Biological response modification of normal tissue reactions: Basic principles and pitfalls
25. Hadron therapy: The clinical aspects
26. Tissue response models
27. Second cancers after radiotherapy


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