Textbook : Biosignatures for Astrobiology, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Biosignatures for Astrobiology, 1st Edition
By Barbara Cavalazzi, Frances Westall
ISBN 10: 3319961748 | ISBN 13:9783319961743
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Other ISBNs: 9783319961743, 9783319961750
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Part I. Biosignatures on Earth
1. Chemical Biosignatures at the Origins
2. Organic Matter in Interplanetary Dusts and Meteorites
3. Biosignatures of Cellular Components and Metabolic Activity
4. The Deep Subseafloor and Biosignatures
5. A Systematic Way to Life Detection: Combining Field, Lab and Space Research in Low Earth Orbit
6. Mineralogical Identification of Traces of Life
7. Biosignatures in Deep Time
Part II. Biosignatures in Space
8. The Search for Biosignatures in Martian Meteorite Allan Hills 84001
9. Role of Mineral Surfaces in Prebiotic Processes and Space-Like Conditions
10. Photochemistry and Photoreactions of Organic Molecules in Space
11. Exoplanetary Biosignatures for Astrobiology
Part III. Biosignatures, Instruments and Missions
12. The Enigma of Methane on Mars
13. Detection of Biosignatures Using Raman Spectroscopy
14. Searching for Signs of Life on Other Planets: Mars a Case Study
Part IV. Biosignatures in a Philosophical Perspective
15. The History and Philosophy of Biosignatures