Textbook : Creativity Under Duress in Education?, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Creativity Under Duress in Education?, 1st Edition
By Carol A. Mullen
ISBN 10: 3319902717 | ISBN 13:9783319902715
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Other ISBNs: 9783319902715, 9783319902722
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Part I
1. Creative Synthesis: Combining the 4C and Systems Models of Creativity
2. Structured Uncertainty: How Creativity Thrives Under Constraints and Uncertainty
3. Speaking of Creativity: Frameworks, Models, and Meanings
4. Sociocultural Perspectives on Creativity, Learning, and Technology
5. Creativity and Bio-capitalism in the Age of the Anthropocene
6. Creative Ecologies and Education Futures
Part II
7. Theory in Creativity Research: The Pernicious Impact of Domain Generality
8. The Role of Engagement, Honing, and Mindfulness in Creativity
9. Collaborative Creativity and Innovation in Education
10. Reaching for the Star: A Model for Integrating Creativity in Education
11. Embodied Perspectives on Creativity, Inquiry, and Research
12. Recapturing American Innovation Through Education: The Creativity Challenge for Schools
13. Collaborative Therapy and Playback Theatre: A Collaborative-Dialogic Model of Insight
Part III
14. School Environments: Friend or Foe for Creativity Education and Research?
15. Supporting Creative Teaching and Learning in the Classroom: Myths, Models, and Measures
16. Creativity and the Urban Teacher: A STEM-Related Professional Development Program
17. Who Stands for What Is Right? TeachersÂ’ Creative Capacity and Change Agency in the Struggle for Educational Quality
18. The Case for Slow Curriculum: Creative Subversion and the Curriculum Mind
19. Embodying Macbeth: Incantation, Visualization, Improvisation, and Characterization
20. Role of Creativity in Educational Systems and the Change Process
21. Political Examples of a Dark Side of Creativity and the Impact on Education
22. Coda


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