Textbook : Data Management, Analytics and Innovation, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Data Management, Analytics and Innovation, 1st Edition
By Valentina Emilia Balas, Neha Sharma, Amlan Chakrabarti
ISBN 10: 9811314012 | ISBN 13:9789811314018
Publisher: Springer Singapore
Other ISBNs: 9789811314018, 9789811314025
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Part I. Data Management and Smart Informatics
An Empirical Study of Website Personalization Effect on Users Intention to Revisit E-commerce Website Through Cognitive and Hedonic Experience
Hierarchical Summarization of Text Documents Using Topic Modeling and Formal Concept Analysis
Green Information and Communication Technology Techniques in Higher Technical Education Institutions for Future Sustainability
A Comparative Study of Different Similarity Metrics in Highly Sparse Rating Dataset
Multi-document Summarization and Opinion Mining Using Stack Decoder Method and Neural Networks
Data Mining Technology with Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Machine Learning for Agriculture
6-Tier Design Framework for Smart Solution as a Service (SSaaS) Using Big Data
Part II. Big Data Management
How Marketing Decisions are Taken with the Help of Big Data
Big Data Forensic Analytics
An Approach for Temporal Ordering of Medical Case Reports
Big Data Analytics: A Trading Strategy of NSE Stocks Using Bollinger Bands Analysis
Handling Concept Drift in Data Streams by Using Drift Detection Methods
Policy-Based Access Control Scheme for Securing Hadoop Ecosystem
Defect Detection in Oil and Gas Pipeline: A Machine Learning Application
Measuring Individual Performance with the Help of Big Data—IPES Framework
Part III. Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis
Consumer Engagement Pattern Analysis Leading to Improved Churn Analytics: An Approach for Telecom Industry
Writer-Independent Offline Signature Verification System
Maximizing Pickup Efficiency and Utilization in Online Grocery: Two-Phase Heuristic Approach
Review of Various Techniques Used for Automatic Detection of Malignancy in Pap Smear Test
Queue Classification for Fraud Types: Banking Domain
Portfolio Optimization Framework—Recommending Optimal Products and Services in a Dynamic Setup
Movie Recommender System Based on Collaborative Filtering Using Apache Spark
Design a Smart and Intelligent Routing Network Using Optimization Techniques
Recommender System for Shopping: A Design for Smart Malls
Continuous Facial Emotion Recognition System Using PCA for Ambient Living
Segregation of Similar and Dissimilar Live RSS News Feeds Based on Similarity Measures
Machine Learning for Personality Analysis Based on Big Five Model
A Personalized Context-Aware Recommender System Based on User-Item Preferences
Plant Classification Using Image Processing and Neural Network
Robot Soccer Strategy Reduction by Representatives
Part IV. Advances in Network Technologies
A Comprehensive Survey on Ransomware Attack: A Growing Havoc Cyberthreat
GPU-Based Integrated Security System for Minimizing Data Loss in Big Data Transmission
Defending Jellyfish Attack in Mobile Ad hoc Networks via Novel Fuzzy System Rule
Firefly Swarm: Metaheuristic Swarm Intelligence Technique for Mathematical Optimization
An Analysis of Cloud Computing Issues on Data Integrity, Privacy and Its Current Solutions
An Effective Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Use in Security Monitoring in the Virtual Network Layer of Cloud Computing Technology
IALM: Interference Aware Live Migration Strategy for Virtual Machines in Cloud Data Centres
Artificial Bee Colony Optimization—Population-Based Meta-Heuristic Swarm Intelligence Technique
Enhanced VSDL Hash Algorithm for Data Integrity and Protection