Textbook : Dual-Fuel Gas-Steam Power Block Analysis, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Dual-Fuel Gas-Steam Power Block Analysis, 1st Edition
By Anna Hnydiuk-Stefan
ISBN 10: 3030030490 | ISBN 13:9783030030490
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Other ISBNs: 9783030030490, 9783030030506
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1. Introduction
2. Methodology with Continuous Time Analysis of the Technical and Economic Viability of Dual-Fuel Gas and Steam Systems
3. Mathematical Models for Time Continuous Analysis of Technical and Economic Effectiveness of Newly Built Dual Fuel Gas-Steam Turbines
4. Mathematical Models with the Continuous Time for Selection of the Optimum Power of a Gas Turbine Set for Newly Built Dual-Fuel Gas-Fired Combined Heat and Power Plants in Parallel Systems
5. Methodology and Mathematical Models with Continuous Time for Technical and Economic Analysis of Effectiveness Modernization of Existing Coal Blocks for Dual-Fuel Gas-Steam Systems
6. Impact of the Derogation Mechanism in EU ETS on the Economic Viability of Modernization of Exis