Textbook : First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing, 1st Edition
By Raju Surampudi Bapi, Koppula Srinivas Rao, Munaga V. N. K. Prasad
ISBN 10: 9811315795 | ISBN 13:9789811315794
Publisher: Springer Singapore
Other ISBNs: 9789811315794, 9789811315800
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Automatic Retail Product Image Enhancement and Background Removal
Acquiring Best Rules that Represent Datasets
Morphological-Based Localization of an Iris Image
A New Document Representation Approach for Gender Prediction Using Author Profiles
Local Edge Patterns for Color Images: An Approach for Image Indexing and Retrieval
Secure Privacy Preserving of Personal Health Records Using Attribute-Based Encryption in Cloud Computing
DetectStress: A Novel Stress Detection System Based on Smartphone and Wireless Physical Activity Tracker
Impact of Term Weight Measures for Author Identification
Automating WEB Interface in Relation to User Behaviour
Identification of Effective Parameters for Designing a Data Channel
Cognitive-Based Adaptive Path Planning for Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment
Prediction for Indian Road Network Images Dataset Using Feature Extraction Method
Design and Simulation of Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer
Bioinformatics and Image Processing—Detection of Plant Diseases
Hybrid Approach for Pixel-Wise Semantic Segmentation Using SegNet and SqueezeNet for Embedded Platforms
Software Modernization Through Model Transformations
Semi-automatic Annotation of Images Using Eye Gaze Data (SAIGA)
Optimizing Regression Test Suite Reduction
Application Monitoring—Active Learning Approach
An Automated Computer Vision System for Extraction of Retail Food Product Metadata
Attacks on Two-Key Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
Bioinformatics: An Application in Information Science
Leveraging Deep Learning for Anomaly Detection in Video Surveillance
Speaker Diarization System Using Hidden Markov Toolkit
Survey: Enhanced Trust Management for Improving QoS in MANETs
A Generic Survey on Medical Big Data Analysis Using Internet of Things
Mean Estimation Under Post-stratified Cluster Sampling Scheme
Privacy-Preserving Naive Bayesian Classifier for Continuous Data and Discrete Data
Learning Style Recognition: A Neural Network Approach
An Enhanced Efficiency of Key Management Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Agents
A Survey on Emotion’s Recognition Using Internet of Things
KAZE Feature Based Passive Image Forgery Detection
Efficiency-Based Analysis of Homomorphic Encryption Implications
Performance and Analysis of Human Attention Using Single-Channel Wireless EEG Sensor for Medical Application
Smart Heartbeat Monitoring System Using Machine Learning
Compact Clusters on Topic-Based Data Streams
Author Profiling Approach for Location Prediction
Machine Learning and Mining for Social Media Analytics
Accent Issues in Continuous Speech Recognition System
Effective Handling Personal Electronic Health Records Using Metadata Over Cloud Computing
Enhancing Prediction Accuracy of Default of Credit Using Ensemble Techniques
A Comparison Review on Comb–Needle Model for Random Wireless Sensor Networks
Automatic Classification of Bing Answers User Verbatim Feedback
Big Data Analytics on Aadhaar Card Dataset in Hadoop Ecosystem
Improving Performance of MapReduce in Hadoop by Using Cluster Environment and Key-Value Pair Localization
Migration of Big Data Analysis from Hadoop’s MapReduce to Spark
Healthcare Monitoring Using Internet of Things
Enhanced Homography-Based Sports Image Components Analysis System
DCT- and DWT-Based Intellectual Property Right Protection in Digital Images
A Study on Multi-agent Systems in Cognitive Radio
Mutual Information-Based Intrusion Detection System Using Multilayer Neural Network
Improving Student Academic Performance Using an Attribute Selection Algorithm
Brain Tumor Detection in MR Imaging Using DW-MTM Filter and Region-Growing Segmentation Approach
A Hybrid Biometric Identification and Authentication System with Retinal Verification Using AWN Classifier for Enhancing Security
Multistage Interconnection Networks in Reliability Shuffle Exchange Networks
Swarming the High-Dimensional Datasets Using Ensemble Classification Algorithm
Review on Autonomous Vehicle Challenges
Comparative Study of Automatic Urban Building Extraction Methods from Remote Sensing Data
Difference Expansion based Near Reversible Data Hiding Scheme
A New Method for Edge Detection Under Hazy Environment in Computer Vision
iBeacon-Based Smart Attendance Monitoring and Management System
Fault Identification in Power Lines Using GSM and IoT Technology
Design of a Smart Mobile Case Framework Based on the Internet of Things
Analysis and Optimization of FIR Filters Using Parallel Processing and Pipelining
A Powerful Artificial Intelligence-Based Authentication Mechanism of Retina Template Using Sparse Matrix Representation with High Security
Big Data Sentiment Analysis Using Distributed Computing Approach
An Analysis of Digital Forensics in Cyber Security
Efficient Mining of Negative Association Rules Using Frequent Item Set Mining