TextBook : Harmony in Context, 3rd Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Harmony in Context, 3rd Edition
By Miguel Roig-Francoli
ISBN 10: 1260055760 | ISBN 13:9781260055764
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Chapter A Pitch: Notation and Intervals
Chapter B Rhythm and Meter
Chapter C Tonality: Scales and Keys
Chapter D The Rudiments of Harmony I: Triads and Seventh Chords
Chapter E The Rudiments of Harmony II: Labeling Chords; Musical Texture
Chapter F Introduction to Species Counterpoint
Chapter 1 Harmonic Progression. The Connection of Chords
Chapter 2 The Fundamental Progression: The Tonic and Dominant Triads in Root Position
Chapter 3 Harmonic Function; The Subdominant Triad in Root Position
Chapter 4 Triads in First Inversion
Chapter 5 The Supertonic; Melody Harmonization
Chapter 6 Nonchord Tones
Chapter 7 64 Chords
Chapter 8 The Dominant Seventh and Its Inversions
Chapter 9 The Leading-Tone Triad
Chapter 10 Cadences
Chapter 11 Building the Context for Harmony I: Phrase Structure
Chapter 12 Building the Context for Harmony II: Thematic Development; Phrase Extension
Chapter 13 Harmonic Rhythm; Metric Reduction
Chapter 14 The Mediant, Submediant, and Subtonic Triads
Chapter 15 Other Diatonic Seventh Chords
Chapter 16 Harmonic Sequences
Chapter 17 Tonicization I
Chapter 18 Tonicization II
Chapter 19 Tonicization III: Secondary Leading-Tone Chords
Chapter 20 Modulation to Closely Related Keys
Chapter 21 Small Forms: Binary and Ternary; Variation Forms
Chapter 22 Contrapuntal Genres: Invention and Fugue
Chapter 23 Modal Mixture
Chapter 24 The Neapolitan Chord
Chapter 25 Augmented Sixth Chords
Chapter 26 Chromatic Modulatory Techniques: Modulation to Distantly Related Keys I
Chapter 27 Modulation to Distantly Related Keys II; Linear Chromaticism I
Chapter 28 Introduction to Large Forms
Chapter 29 Expanding Functional Tonality: Extended Tertian Chords; Linear Chromaticism II
Chapter 30 The German Romantic Lied: Chromatic Harmony in Context
Chapter 31 Toward (and Beyond) the Limits of Functional Tonality


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