Textbook : Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification, Volume 3, 1st Edition
By Robert Barthorpe
ISBN 10: 3319747924 | ISBN 13:9783319747927
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Other ISBNs: 9783319747927, 9783319747934
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1. Sparse Deconvolution for the Inverse Problem of Multiple-Impact Force Identification
2. Validation of Container System Component Models for Drops
3. Validation of Container System Finite Element Models for IAEA Compliance
4. Nonlinear Squeezing Wavelet Transform for Rotor Rub-Impact Fault Detection
5. Experimental Credibility and Its Role in Model Validation and Decision Making
6. An Experimental Case Study for Nonlinear Model Validation: Effect of Nonlinearities in an Aero-Engine Structure
7. Finite Element Model Updating of a Connecting Structure Based on Strain
8. Nonlinearities of an Aircraft Piccolo Tube: Identification and Modeling
9. Reliability Analysis of Existing Bridge Foundations for Reuse
10. Recent Developments in Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
11. Assessing Structural Reliability at the Component Test Stage Using Real-Time Hybrid Substructuring
12. Modal Identification Using a Roving Actuator and a Fixed Sensor
13. Validation of Lightweight Antenna Reflector Model for Environmental Acoustic Testing Operating Conditions
14. Confidence in the Prediction of Unmeasured System Output Using Roll-Up Methodology
15. Application of the Transfer Matrix Method for the Analysis of Lateral Vibrations of Drillstrings with Parameter Uncertainties
16. Consolidation of Weakly Coupled Experimental System Modes
17. Fatigue Monitoring and Remaining Lifetime Prognosis Using Operational Vibration Measurements
18. Feasibility of Applying Phase-Based Video Processing for Modal Identification of Concrete Gravity Dams
19. Using 2D Phase-Based Motion Estimation and Video Magnification for Binary Damage Identification on a Wind Turbine Blade
20. Hierarchical Bayesian Calibration and Response Prediction of a 10-Story Building Model
21. Scaling and Structural Similarity Under Uncertainty
22. Bayesian History Matching for Forward Model-Driven Structural Health Monitoring
23. Augmented Reality for Next Generation Infrastructure Inspections
24. A Distribution-Based Damping Estimation Method for Random Vibration Response and Its Applications
25. A Case Study for Integrating Comp/Sim Credibility and Convolved UQ and Evidence Theory Results to Support Risk Informed Decision Making
26. Material Parameter Identification and Response Prediction of Shearing Process for Flying Shear Machine Based on Model Validation
27. Probabilistic Maintenance-Free Operating Period via Bayesian Filter with Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Simulations and Subset Simulation
28. Bayesian Model Updating of a Damaged School Building in Sankhu, Nepal
29. Interpreting the Eigenbasis of Principal Component Analysis to Identify Design Space Regions of Interest
30. Uncertainty Quantification in Nanoscale Impact Experiment in Energetic Materials
31. Analysis of Contact Dynamics Using Controlled Impact Excitations
32. Extraction of Coupling Stiffness of Specimens Printed with Selective Laser Melting Using Modal Analysis
33. Quantification of Dynamic Model Validation Metrics Using Uncertainty Propagation from Requirements
34. Natural Frequency Testing and Model Correlation of Rocket Engine Structures in Liquid Hydrogen: Phase I, Cantilever Beam
35. Optimal Maintenance of Naval Vessels Considering Service Life Uncertainty
36. On the Monitoring-Driven Assessment of Engineered Systems