TextBook : Oral Interpretation, 13th Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Oral Interpretation, 13th Edition
By Timothy Gura, Benjamin Powell
ISBN 10: 1138082201 | ISBN 13:9781138082205
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PART I Basic Principles
CHAPTER 1 A Beginning and an End
CHAPTER 2 Analyzing the Selection
CHAPTER 3 Voice Development for Oral Interpretation
CHAPTER 4 Use of the Body in Oral Interpretation
PART II Interpretation of Prose
CHAPTER 5 Prose: Style, Types, Nonfiction
CHAPTER 6 Prose: Narration
PART III Interpretation of Drama
CHAPTER 7 Drama: Structure and Performing
CHAPTER 8 Technique and Solo Performance of Drama
PART IV Interpretation of Poetry
CHAPTER 9 Language of Poetry
CHAPTER 10 Structure of Poetry
PART V Group Performance
CHAPTER 11 Group Performance of Literature


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