TextBook : Routledge Handbook of Community Development: Perspectives from Around the Globe, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Routledge Handbook of Community Development: Perspectives from Around the Globe, 1st Edition
By Sue Kenny, Brian McGrath, Rhonda Phillips
ISBN 10: 1138940763 | ISBN 13:9781138940765
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Part I Governance and Community Development
1. Governance
2. Communities in Governance in a Neoliberal Age
3. Community Development: Reviving Critical Agency in Times of Crisis
4. Governance Issues: An Australian Example
5. Did Public Policy Kill Community Development?
Part II Place and Community Development
6. Saemaul Development and Global Saemaul Undong for Community Development
7. Place–Based Approaches to Poverty Alleviation: Institutional Innovation and Asset–Based Community Development
8. Land, Culture, Culture Loss and Community: Rural Insights from Sub–Saharan Africa
9. Critical Awareness–Raising in Myanmar
Part III Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Development
10. Sustainable Community Development and the Green Economy: Ensuring a Strong Sustainability Approach
11. Sustainable Livelihoods in Indonesia
12. The Role of Community Engagement and Indicators in Generating Knowledge for Informing Regional Planning for Sustainability
Part IV Culture and Creative Expression in Community Development
13. The Way Art Works: Insights for Community Development
14. “Basta Masaya, OK NA”: Theater–Based Approaches in the Philippines
15. Community Arts, Community Development and the “Impossibility” and “Necessity” of Cultural Democracy
16. Equity and Resilience: Planning and Developing Horizontal Networks through Cultural Districts
17. Community Cultural Capital: Anakie, Australia
Part V Identity, Belonging and Connectedness
18. The Concept of Community: Opinions, Life Experiences and Definitions of Children, Young People and University Students from the Province of Buenos Aires
19. From Community Engagement to Community Emergence: A Conceptual Framework and Model to Rethink Youth–Community Interaction
20. Building Communities of Youth: Narratives of Community and Belonging among Young People Attending Youth Cafés in Ireland
21. International Migration Decisions and Happiness: The Migration Happiness Atlas as a Community Development Initiative
22. Identity in Australian Aboriginal Communities: Koordoormitj is the Essence of Life
Part VI Community Development, Human Rights and Resilience
23. Indigenous Planning: Replanting the Roots of Resistance
24. Neurobiology and Community Resilience
25. Asylum Seekers in Indonesia
26. Children with Disability: Human Rights Case Study
27. The Complexities and Challenges of Community Development in Post–Conflict South Africa: A Systems Framework of a Project
Part VII Engagement and Knowledge
28. Community Development in the Era of Large-Scale Data: Integrating Quantitative Data and Community Engagement
29. Collaborative Community Development Practice: Interfacing with Government to Create a Small Business Incubator
30. The South Memphis Revitalization Action Project (SoMeRAP): A Town/Gown Partnership for Community Transformation
31. Social Work and Community Development in Australia
32. Direct Public Participation in Local Government as Community Development: The Case of Turke