Textbook : Silk Road to Belt Road, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Silk Road to Belt Road, 1st Edition
By Md. Nazrul Islam
ISBN 10: 9811329974 | ISBN 13:9789811329975
Publisher: Springer Singapore
Other ISBNs: 9789811329975, 9789811329982
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Part I. Conceptualizing Belt and Road Initiative
1. Silk Road to Belt Road: Meeting the Culture
Part II. History and Civilization
2. The Rise of China’s Past in the “Belt and Road Initiative” (from Historical Perspectives)
3. Imagining China in the New Silk Road: The Elephant and the World Jungle
4. The Silk Road in the West: Lebanon’s Industrial History and Current Prospects for Partnership with China
Part III. Religion
5. Religion in China’s Public Diplomacy Towards the Belt and Road Countries in Asia
6. Eurasian Connection via the Silk Road: The Spread of Islam
7. From Serindia to Japan: A Sketch of the Buddhist Library of Ximing Monastery in the Eighth-Century Chang’an
Part IV. Socio-cultural Dynamics
8. China’s Soft Power: Culturalisation Along the Belt Road Corridors
9. Conflict Management Under International and Cross-Cultural Contexts: Opportunities in the Belt and Road
10. Cultural Contestations and Social Integration: What Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Can Learn from the Experiences of Malaysia and Singapore?
11. Foreign Language Learning Beyond English: The Opportunities of One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Initiative
Part V. Environment
12. Ensuring Social and Environmental Sustainability of the Belt and Road Initiative in Cambodia Based on Experiences from China
13. Navigating a Green BRI in Sri Lanka
14. Comparison of Building Environment Assessment Systems Across the Belt and Road Countries: How Do Green Buildings Contribute to Achieving Ecological Civilization and Sustainable Development Goals?
Part VI. Medicine and Health
15. A Malaysian Perspective on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) During Postpartum Care and Its Relevance Towards China’s One Belt One Road Initiative (BRI)
Part VII. Country Impact
16. One Belt One Road Project is a Driving Force for Holistic Development of Eurasian Region: Challenges to Bangladesh
17. Belt and Road Initiative for Kazakhstan: Opportunities and Risks
18. Cambodia-China’s Trade Connectivity: Reevaluating the Trade Pattern and Constraints
19. Chinese Identities in Southeast Asia


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