TextBook : Swift in Depth, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Swift in Depth, 1st Edition
By Tjeerd in ‘t Veen
ISBN 10: 1617295183 | ISBN 13:9781617295188
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Chapter 1: Introducing Swift in depth
Chapter 2: Modeling data with enums
Chapter 3: Writing cleaner properties
Chapter 4: Making optionals second nature
Chapter 5: Demystifying initializers
Chapter 6: Effortless error handling
Chapter 7: Generics
Chapter 8: Putting the pro in protocol-oriented programming
Chapter 9: Iterators, sequences, and collections
Chapter 10: Understanding map, flatMap, and compactMap
Chapter 11: Asynchronous error handling with Result
Chapter 12: Protocol extensions
Chapter 13: Swift patterns
Chapter 14: Delivering quality Swift code
Chapter 15: Where to Swift from here


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