Textbook : The SAGE Handbook of Web History, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : The SAGE Handbook of Web History, 1st Edition
By Niels Brügger, Ian Milligan
ISBN 10: 1473980054 | ISBN 13:9781473980051
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Other ISBNs: 1473980054, 9781473980051
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Part IThe Web and Historiography
1 Historiography and the Web
2 Understanding the Archived Web as a Historical Source
3 Existing Web Archives
4 Periodizing Web Archiving: Biographical, Event-Based, National and Autobiographical Traditions
Part II Theoretical and Methodological Reflections
5 Web History in Context
6 Science and Technology Studies Approaches to Web History
7 Theorizing the Uses of the Web
8 Ethical Considerations for Web Archives and Web History Research
9 Collecting Primary Sources from Web Archives: A Tale of Scarcity and Abundance
10 Network Analysis for Web History
11 Quantitative Web History Methods
12 Computational Methods for Web History
13 Visualizing Historical Web Data
Part III Technical and Structural Dimensions of Web History
14 Adding the Dimension of Time to HTTP
15 Hypertext before the Web – or, What the Web Could Have Been
16 A Historiography of the Hyperlink: Periodizing the Web through the Changing Role of the Hyperlink
17 How Search Shaped and Was Shaped by the Web
18 Making the Web Meaningful: A History of Web Semantics
19 Browsers and Browser Wars
20 Emergence of the Mobile Web
Part IV Platforms on the Web
21 Wikipedia
22 A Critical Political Economy of Web Advertising History
23 Exploring Web Archives in the Age of Abundance: A Social History Case Study of GeoCities
24 Blogs
25 The History of Online Social Media
Part V Web History and Users, some Case Studies
26 Cultural Historiography of the ‘Homepage’
27 Consumers, News, and a History of Change
28 Historical Studies of National Web Domains
29 The Origins of Electronic Literature as Net/Web Art
30 Exploring the Memory of the First World War Using Web Archives: Web Graphs Seen from Different Angles
31 A History with Web Archives, Not a History of Web Archives: A History of the British Measles–Mumps–Rubella Vaccine Crisis, 1998–2004
32 Religion and Web History
33 Hearing the Past: The Sonic Web from MIDI to Music Streaming
34 Memes
35 Years of the Internet: Vernacular Creativity before, on and after the Chinese Web
36 Cultural, Political and Technical Factors Influencing Early Web Uptake in North America and East Asia
37 Online Pornography
38 Spam
39 Trolls and Trolling History: From Subculture to Mainstream Practices
Part VI The Roads Ahead
40 Web Archives and (Digital) History: A Troubled Past and a Promising Future?


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