Textbook : Theory of Modeling and Simulation, 3rd Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Theory of Modeling and Simulation, 3rd Edition
By Bernard P. Zeigler, Alexandre Muzy, Ernesto Kofman
ISBN 10: 0128133708 | ISBN 13:9780128133705
Publisher: Academic Press
Other ISBNs: 9780128133705
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Part 1 Basics: Modeling Formalisms and Simulation Algorithms
1 Introduction to Systems Modeling Concepts
2 Framework for Modeling and Simulation
3 Modeling Formalisms and Their Simulators
4 Introduction to Discrete Event System Speci?cation (DEVS)
5 Hierarchy of System Speci?cations
6 Basic Formalisms: DEVS, DESS, DTSS
7 Basic Formalisms: Coupled Multi-Component Systems
8 Simulators for Basic Formalisms
9 Multi-Formalism Modeling and Simulation
Part 2 Iterative System Speci?cation
10 Introduction to Iterative System Speci?cation
11 Basic Iterative System Speci?cation (IterSpec)
12 Iterative Speci?cation Subformalisms
13 Finite and Timed Iterative Speci?cations and Simulations
Part 3 System Morphisms: Abstraction, Representation, Approximation
14 Parallel and Distributed Discrete Event Simulation
15 Hierarchy of System Morphisms
16 Abstraction: Constructing Model Families
17 Veri?cation, Validation, Approximate Morphisms: Living With Error
18 DEVS and DEVS-Like Systems: Universality and Uniqueness
19 Quantization-Based Simulation of Continuous Time Systems
20 DEVS Representation of Iteratively Speci?ed Systems
Part 4 Enhanced DEVS Formalisms
21 DEVS Markov Modeling and Simulation
22 DEVS Markov Model Lumping
23 Spiking Neuron Modeling – Iterative Speci?cation
24 Open Research Problems: Systems Dynamics, Complex Systems


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