Textbook : Water Conservation, Recycling and Reuse: Issues and Challenges, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Water Conservation, Recycling and Reuse: Issues and Challenges, 1st Edition
By Rajeev Pratap Singh, Alan S. Kolok, Shannon L. Bartelt-Hunt
ISBN 10: 9811331782 | ISBN 13:9789811331787
Publisher: Springer
Other ISBNs: 9789811331787, 9811331782
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1. Occurrence and Health Impacts of Emerging Contaminants in Municipal Wastewater Reuse
2. Promises and Challenges of Growing Microalgae in Wastewater
3. Risk of Metal Contamination in Agriculture Crops by Reuse of Wastewater: An Ecological and Human Health Risk Perspective
4. Biological Wastewater Treatment for Prevention of River Water Pollution and Reuse: Perspectives and Challenges
5. Climate Change and Sustainable Management of the Rivers System with Special Reference to the Brahmaputra River
6. Effects of Climate Change on the Use of Wastewater for Aquaculture Practices
7. Bioprocesses for Wastewater Reuse: Closed-Loop System for Energy Options
8. Subsurface Processes Controlling Reuse Potential of Treated Wastewater Under Climate Change Conditions
9. Removal of Organic Pollutants from Industrial Wastewaters Treated by Membrane Techniques
10. Assessing the Impacts of Temperature, Precipitation and Land Use Change on Open Water Bodies of Middle Ghaghara River Basin
11. Climate Change, Water and Wastewater Treatment: Interrelationship and Consequences
12. Treatment of Wastewater Using Vermifiltration Technology
13. Reuse of Wastewater in Agriculture
14. Application of the Ecological Network Analysis (ENA) Approach in Water Resource Managem


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