Textbook : Water Resources and Environmental Engineering I, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Water Resources and Environmental Engineering I, 1st Edition
By Maheswaran Rathinasamy, S. Chandramouli, K.B.V.N. Phanindra, Uma Mahesh
ISBN 10: 9811320438 | ISBN 13:9789811320439
Publisher: Springer Singapore
Other ISBNs: 9789811320439, 9789811320446
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What Constitutes a Fair and Equitable Water Apportionment?
Impact of Anthropogenic Interventions on the Vembanad Lake System
Impact of Urbanization on Surface Runoff Characteristics at Catchment Scale
Special Considerations for Design of Storm Water Drainage System—A Case Study
Estimation of Reservoir Storage Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Sediment Distribution Pattern Studies for Thandava and Konam Reservoirs in Visakhapatnam District
Geospatial Data Requirements, Software, and Analysis for the Study of Floods in Urban Catchments
A Review on Stability of Caisson Breakwater
Application of Foam and Sand as Dual Media Filter for Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System
Comparison of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Methods for Sandy Loam Soil with Different Land Uses
A Study on Assessment of Groundwater Quality at Certain Industrial Zones in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
1D and 2D Electrical Resistivity Investigations to Identify Potential Groundwater Resources in the Hard Rock Aquifers
Evaluation of Utilization of Wavelet Denoising Approach in Calibration of Hydrological Models
Hydrogeophysics and Numerical Solute Transport Modelling Techniques for Environmental Impact Assessment
Poor Storm Water Drainage and Stripping on a Stretch of NH-1
MATLAB Code for Linking Genetic Algorithm and EPANET for Reliability Based Optimal Design of a Water Distribution Network
Regime-Wise Genetic Programming Model for Improved Streamflow Forecasting


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