Textbook : Wealth Creation in the World’s Largest Mergers and Acquisitions, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : Wealth Creation in the World’s Largest Mergers and Acquisitions, 1st Edition
By B. Rajesh Kumar
ISBN 10: 3030023621 | ISBN 13:9783030023621
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Other ISBNs: 9783030023621, 9783030023638
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1. Mergers and Acquisitions
2. Vodafone Acquisition of Mannesmann
3. American Online: Time Warner Merger and Other Restructuring
4. Acquisitions by Verizon
5. DowDuPont Merger
6. Mergers and Acquisitions by Anheuser-Busch InBev
7. Merger of Kraft and Heinz Company
8. Acquisitions by Pfizer
9. ExxonMobil Merger
10. Citicorp–Travelers Group Merger
11. AT&T–Time Warner Acquisition
12. ABN AMRO Acquisition by RFS Holding
13. GlaxoSmithKline Merger
14. Acquisitions by Royal Dutch Shell
15. Bell South Merger with AT&T
16. Comcast Acquisition of AT&T Broadband
17. Key Mergers of JPMorgan Chase
18. Charter Communications Acquisition of Time Warner Cable
19. Actavis-Allergan Merger Deal
20. Dell’s Acquisition of EMC
21. Altria Group’s Spin-Off of Philip Morris International Inc.
22. Vodafone AirTouch Merger
23. Bell Atlantic- GTE Merger
24. British Petroleum Merger with Amoco
25. Qwest Merger with US West
26. WorldCom’s Acquisition of MCI
27. Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn
28. Procter & Gamble’s Acquisition of Gillette
29. Oracle’s Hostile Takeover of PeopleSoft
30. Mergers and Acquisitions by Bank of America
31. Gaz de France Merger with Suez
32. Sanofi–Aventis Merger
33. Bayer’s Acquisition of Monsanto
34. Roche Holding’s Acquisition of Genentech
35. France Telecom SA–Orange PLC Merger
36. Merck–Schering-Plough Corp Merger
37. Astra–Zeneca Merger
38. HP Compaq Merger
39. Major Acquisitions by Facebook
40. JDS Uniphase Corp and SDL Inc. Merger
41. KKR’s Acquisition of First Data
42. Lucent Technologies Acquisition of Ascend Communications
43. Vivendi–Seagram Deal
44. Daimler–Chrysler Merger
45. Arcelor–Mittal Merger


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