Textbook : World Terraced Landscapes: History, Environment, Quality of Life, 1st Edition (PDF Download)

A Digital Textbook : World Terraced Landscapes: History, Environment, Quality of Life, 1st Edition
By Mauro Varotto, Luca Bonardi, Paolo Tarolli
ISBN 10: 3319968149 | ISBN 13:9783319968148
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Other ISBNs: 9783319968148, 9783319968155
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1. Introduction
Part I. Terraced Landscapes in the World: A General Overview
2. Terraced Vineyards in Europe: The Historical Persistence of Highly Specialised Regions
3. Italian Terraced Landscapes: The Shapes and the Trends
4. Slovenian Terraced Landscapes
5. Landscape Typology of French Agrarian Terraces
6. Terraced Fields in Spain: Landscapes of Work and Beauty
7. Terraced Landscapes in the Canary Islands: La Gomera, “The Terrace Island”
8. Terraced Landscapes in Perù: Terraces and Social Water Management
9. Australian Dry Stone Terraces: An Historical and Contemporary Interpretation
10. Agricultural Terraces in Mexico
Part II. Towards a Multifunctional Vision of Terraced Landscapes
11. Mapping Agricultural Terraces in Italy. Methodologies Applied in the MAPTER Project
12. Terraced Landscapes: Land Abandonment, Soil Degradation, and Suitable Management
13. Health, Seeds, Diversity and Terraces
14. Comparative Studies on Pattern and Ecosystem Services of the Traditional Rice Agricultural Landscapes in East Asia
15. Terraced Lands: From Put in Place to Put in Memory
16. Economic Analysis of the Traditional Cultural Terraced Olive-Growing Landscape and Participatory Planning Process
17. The Multidimensional Benefits of Terraced Landscape Regeneration: An Economic Perspective and Beyond
18. The Challenge of Tourism in Terraced Landscapes
19. Innovative Practices and Strategic Planning on Terraced Landscapes with a View to Building New Alpine Communities
20. Planning, Policies and Governance for Terraced Landscape: A General View
21. Integrated Policies for Terraces: The Role of Landscape Observatories